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Latest Publication: My Weekly Pocket Novel May 2016

Dangerous Waters

shila daglish - dangerous waters short storyCass has known tragedy & loss and is frightened to give her heart again. Slowly she learns that to risk loving, even for a short while is better than not loving at all.

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Dangerous Promise (E:Book)

(originally published as Hungarian Love Song by Robert Hale Ltd.)

Dangerous promise novel by sheila daglish

Hungary, 1980. Carla, a university lecturer in art history, is heading for Budapest to give guest lectures. Afterwards she’s planning to holiday in the countryside and also run a minor errand for one of her students.

As soon as she arrives, untoward events start taking place. “She realises that far too many people seem interested in her whereabouts and belongings, one a handsome Hungarian man. Who is this man and what does he really want from her?”

And is Carla flirting with danger by spending time with him?

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‘I think it is splendidly gripping all the way through’

‘I enjoyed your novel very much because the story is fascinating and because its theme is Hungary where I was born. These memories remain and you describe them beautifully’


Hidden Truths (E:Book)

(originally published as Mimosa Sky by Robert Hale Ltd.)

Hidden Truths Novel by Sheila Daglish

Looking for a place to recuperate, Jody leaves London for a small French village and joins her friends who are making and selling artwork for tourists.

After learning about a local legend that involves mysteriously vanished riches, she realises that she’s not the only one fascinated by the tale: an eye-catching, but arrogant, French historian also seems keen to find out what really happened to the treasure.

As suspicious events start taking place in the village, Jody’s inner turmoil grows: how can she shake off her unexpected attraction to this rude historian – especially since he seems to have something to hide?

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 Summer of Secrets (E:Book)

(originally published as Golden Roses by Robert Hale Ltd.)

Summer of Secrets Novel by Sheila Daglish

Lacey is between jobs and decides to help her uncle and aunt to turn an old Devonian manor into a hotel. Shortly after her arrival she becomes fascinated by the local workmen’s stories about the manor: tales of pirates, treasures, ghosts and secrets.

The history of the manor is not, however, the only thing that intrigues Lacey. A neighbour with an unfriendly manner seems to be involved in nocturnal dealings that raise her suspicions. Yet, she is not immune to his rugged good looks and soon finds herself falling for him…

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Chateau of the Nymph  (Linford, Large Print)

sm_chateau_of_the_nymphJenna realizes that someone is determined to force her family out of their hotel on the banks of the Dordogne. Centuries ago, the lord’s son had fallen in love with the girl from the village inn. Only when Jenna’s life is in danger does she discover the truth behind the chateau’s legend and find love in place of long-ago tragedy.

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‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its vivid descriptions took me back to the magical chateaux and grottoes of the Dordogne – a wonderful location for mystery and romance’

‘Charming. I enjoyed it – wish it had been longer! It kept my interest – wanting to see what happened next’

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